MadeMobile is an emerging communications design agency working within Mobile marketing. Experts in the core areas of Mobile Apps, Mobile websites and social media.
Using cross media integration and optimisation. We aim to improve the cost efficiency of engaging customers in dialogue, that gives the customer better experience, and the business a more profitable outcome.
MadeMobile is an innovative and energetic business that enjoys pushing the creative boundaries of the possible.

I would recommend them to anyone. Except my competitors

Dave Grover, Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training

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We believe your website is a vital tool to engage the new constantly connected consumer. That’s why all of our websites are optimised for use on PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Your website is designed to become a central hub for your online business. When integrated with your current marketing strategies, your website will be a time efficient and cost effective method of generating more income for your business.
All of our websites are custom built and feature an easy to use content management system which will enable you to make the updates you want at your convenience.
We work closely with you throughout the build to ensure we deliver a website that not only delivers your vision, but enhances your business using our expertise.
We take pride in the websites we build and feel great satisfaction in directly increasing the sales of our clients. We advise on how to generate more traffic to your site, increase sales, repeat purchases, use analytics to drive your marketing strategy, as well as finding new and exciting ways to engage with your consumers.Web Design Oxford

Apps are highly diverse tools that be used to generate direct income through downloads or in app purchases, provide a productivity tool such as a CRM on the go, provide a tool for bridging and connecting multi-media, offering consumers a more engaging experience and ultimately increase the profitability of the business.
Combining the functionalities and consumer behaviours that are associated with smartphones, we are able to create a tool for the new constantly connected consumer. Mobile apps provide users with entertainment, productivity, social, and retail assistance.

Apps provide a wide range of data from their users. Each download can enable the knowledge of: call duration, call times, location patterns, walking steps, movement speeds, as well as in app analytics and contact information. This data is becoming a vital tool for modern businesses. What they do with this data will sculpt their operations to create a leaner, more efficient business.

Using smartphones or tablets native capabilities, apps create greater user experience’s and enable businesses a smarter marketing strategy.
We have listed some of the tools apps can use to interact with the consumer. If you would like to find out more about these tools then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.App Development Oxford

Imagine if your business could talk to the world.
What would your business say? …..would the world want to hear it?
The reality is your business doesn’t need to communicate with the entire world. Your business needs to communicate with your entire target audience.
Should you spend time trying to communicate with people that realistically aren’t going to use your services? Or, Should you use that time to communicate more effectively by truly engaging those that are?

This is where the true art of social media marketing comes to life.
How do you communicate with your entire target audience?
How do you engage them in a positive way to ensure they use your services time and time again?

Integration is key!
By integration we don’t mean other social media platforms. That’s too simple!
We mean cross media integration across all communication channels that when combined, will create a truly modern, engaging experience for your target audience.
MadeMobile have extensive experience in developing cross media integration and optimisation using social media to engage with the new constantly connected customer. Giving the consumer a greater experience, and the business a more profitable outcome.

“Ok so I have a great website and it’s mobile…. What now?”

“Why isn’t the phone ringing with enquiries?”

These are questions many businesses ask after building their website. The truth is having a website isn’t going to magically make this happen. The way you manage your website and integrate with your marketing strategy is!

A website is a vital tool that acts as a digital home for your business. The questions you really should be asking are:
“How do I get the right people to my website”?
and …
“How do I turn them into inquiries?”

There are many ways to bring your target market to your website. Get in touch with us, and we will find the right ways for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is just one of the ways to optimise your business. For more information on our SEO service please visit SEO Oxford .


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