App Development Oxford

Apps are highly diverse tools built for entertainment, retail, business, productivity and much more. The introduction of smartphones has enabled the use of software programmes, anytime and anywhere. Apps are quite simply software programmes for smartphones.

With the great variety of tools now presented to the consumer on their mobile devices. It’s no wonder why app developers are able to create some incredibly powerful and engaging apps.
We work with you every step of the way to ensure we deliver the highest returns on investment for your business.

Ultimate in consumer engagement

Smartphones have incredible functionality. Camera, video, audio, motion sensitivity, touch sensitivity, and now even finger print scanners. All of this combined with incredible mobile processing power. The number of tools that can be created using these functions are endless. When combined with the latest advances in 4G and wireless technology, the level of consumer engagement is enormous. Forget the Sci-Fi movies. We will be doing things on our smartphones we would have never thought possible.

Why we develop Web Apps?

Web apps are extremely versatile. Web apps are essentially programmes built to run on the web. Therefore they need an internet connection to work. They work across all devices and have the same functionality across all devices. These apps are relatively inexpensive to create and are similar to building website. The downsides are that they cannot be found in the app stores and therefore don’t receive the supporting features or usability credibility. In app purchases and other native functions are not available.

Why we develop Native Apps?

Native apps are software programmes installed onto the smartphone device. Therefore they are able to operate without an internet connection. They can readily access all of the smartphones functions and are slick and easy to use. They have to be found in the app store that is compatible with the smartphone device. This has many benefits. Native apps are perceived as being high quality and easy to use.

We develop apps that have the best of both?

When we develop apps, we think extremely carefully about the purpose of the app. We work with you to design a complete strategy that can be implemented into your business. We are able to create apps that use the best of web and native capabilities, to create a truly engaging experience for the consumer. There are many advantages to building apps with both web and native functionality. This is the future of app design and we feel passionately about incorporating both web and native functionality.

If you would like to find out how an app would benefit your business, please get in touch. We would be very happy to talk with you.